Malaysian security market full of potential despite slow growth

It is commonly known that IP-based surveillance system is trending in the security industry. However, it is not quite the case in every local market worldwide.
According to Sim Tiong Yan, Business Development Manager of Gamma Solution, up to 80% of the security market in Malaysia is still adopting analog systems, and it’s mostly due to the slow-growing economy in the recent years. Sim believes that the long-going corruption in Malaysia is also a main factor causing poorer purchasing power.
In Malaysian market, analog surveillance systems with higher resolutions such HDTVI, HDCVI, and AHD are still competitive due to the relatively more economic price. However, it is expected that adoption of IP-based systems will be growing to 40% in the next five years.
The demand of IP-based systems mostly comes from banking and residential sectors, which usually require higher security standards with higher budget. Also, for the residential sector, while house price is surging, constructers are looking for security systems with more added values that can help them on the selling.

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