FPC Participates in Windows Workshops

Microsoft is showing interest in Fingerprint Cards‘ biometric technology with invitations for the company to participate in its upcoming Windows Hardware Engineering Community (WinHEC) workshops in Shenzen and Taipei.

FPC Participates in Windows WorkshopsIn a statement announcing its participation, FPC explained that the workshops are meant to foster hardware development for the next Windows update, and that they usually involve hundreds of OEMs and ODMs. As such, the events could offer the company a good opportunity to network with contacts in the Windows ecosystem, and perhaps more importantly, to demonstrate how its own technology fits into that ecosystem.

It’s a good time for FPC to make that case. With Windows 1o’sWindows Hello security platform and other recent products Microsoft has shown an increasing interest in biometric technology. Moreover, the technology could play in increasingly important role in the Internet of Things, an area that Microsoft is also exploring intensively.

FPC’s participation in the Shenzen workshops will wrap up today, while the Taipei workshops will run from April 28th to 29th.

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