Bioidentification technology’s future

In future, recombination of biometric checking technology will gradually replace single bioidentification. As application area is continue expanding, new generation of unique bioidentification technic will be the main stream of this business, the single bioidentification products also will be changed, in the near future, ecombination bioidentification products will grabbing market share and became mainstream product.
Combine with internet and its security system:the security system is more and more intelligent, as a branch of security business, bioidentification will meet new requests and changes, people guess that bioidentification technology combine with internet or IoT will be the next hot spot. Bio-security product like plam or vein need to beseamlessly combining with the internet. For example, a management system called ”a Plam will do” can support pension management, health insurance, ID checking, e-commerce.
Identity check which based one cloud computing and mobile internet: cloud computing and mobile internet become more and more common in our life, more and more people use their smart phone to deal with personal financial issues such as payment or money transfor. Also, there are more and more personal data have been uploaded and managed by cloud. Once smart phone is lost or account being stolen, user’s all personal information all in dangerous. That is why, we need a safer and quicker identify technic, recombination checking is preferred option. In future, recombination checking will not only be used on security and financial payment business, it will also be very helpful in major internet services like cloud.
Compare to single bioidentification, recombination biometric identify technology have some advantages, the weakness in ID checking such as inuniversal, cheating deeds, unavailability and inaccuracy are no longer exist, after embedding with unstandardization technic, recombination biometric identify technology become more accuracy and effective. Although it cost a lot, when hardware step forwards in futrue, it will become ID checking’s mainstream.

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