biological recognition’s 7 new eye-catching systems

There are more and more personal information are stored in people’s smartphone, the phone producer start looking for some new ways to make sure the user information are safe. IPhone 5s first published TouchID which presented us a easy and safe to operate. Other than TouchID, there are 7 new type of biological recognition technologies worth to know.
Utrasonic can get fingerprint

Inspired by bat, Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID 3D fingerprint technology is able to use ultrasonic to read fingerprint information, which mealns, your fingerprint will be read at the moment you touch the phone’s screen, shell, wherever. Manufacturers doesnt have to consider the checker’s position no more, which the equirement will have more “tight” structure. Even with the wet finger, Snapdragon Sense ID also can use ultrasonic identify its fingerprint, which get the best of Touch ID .
The fingerprint technologies at present all rely on sensors to do scaning, but Qualcomm ultrasonic can idnetify fingerprint under harsh circumstances. Smart phone which is installed Qualcomm ultrasonic was expected to be published at second half of this year.
Thin Fingerprint Sensor
Synaptics is a touch screen technology company which mainly support laptop and smart phone. Now this company launching VSF6170 Slim Slide fingerprint sensor, it will able to let smart phone manufacturers able to integrate thin fingerprint sensor onto tablet computer or phone.
This “tiny” sensor will able to be installed on power button, volume buttons, or phone bezel. Synaptics asserted that this sensor is only 2.8mm, as such, this Synaptics sensor need user sweeping there finger up and down, unlike Touch ID or Galaxy S6’s press kind of fingprint sensor.
Other than this, Synaptics adds that, if install their sensor on bezel, it will make cellphone unlocking more convenient: hold moblie with one hand and then sweep finger.
For now, Synaptics sensor is taking cellphone manufacturers’ test, this company is planning put this kind of sensor in mass production.
Fingerprint Sensor in glass
In order to put IDEX sensor into the glass, IDEX said that , glass’ thickness must between 0.5~0.7mm. Since Samsung’s lastest Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge used 0.4mm glass, so IDEX couldnt be used on such kind.
Vein sensor
ZKTeco published whole new fingervein sensor VeinID, users only need their wave arm at scanner or use finger on it then the device will idenitfy, this technic will be very useful at airport security area, large gym,even office gate.
This system need user enroll before using, after that, user can wave their arm to make sure the enrollment is success. This system able to identify 70 users within 1 min.
Compare to tranditional fingperprint scanner, ZKTeco’s vein scanner is faster and more accurate. Just like the fingerprint scanner, ZKTeco’s vein scanner is take the place of login password. This company annouced that the mistake rate is approximately 0.0001%.
For now, this kind of vein sensor already be used on PC. ZKTeco VeinID already being used on Barclay bank’s security login. Large size gym also will replace card and password with it very soon. The one similar with VeinID is friction ridge sensor, best of known from PalmSeure, which already being used on Fujitsu’s enterprise-level laptop.
Iris scanning recognition
iris scanning recognition technic is use iris to identify user, which is suitable for security devices such as access control or highly secrecy kind of place. Human’s eye structure contents sclera, iris, lens, retina and pupils. Iris is the cyclic annular between the black pupil and white sclera,which has losts of crossing spot,threadlet, corona, stripe, recess. Iris will finalize during the fetation, which will also finalize its uniqueness charactor. That is why we can use iris to identify people’s identity.

Facial recognition unit
Inter Ture Key can identify human face. This technology is tries to simulate human brain which able to identify human face under subconsciousness. Inter allege that , Ture Key can idenify everyone’s unique face.
Inter also allege True Key will able to use personal charactors(such as ficial, fingerprint, user’s equipment) to unlock website, apps and device. This technology not only able to help users abandon their password, it will also help user to set multiple safety factor to improve safety level. Ture Key is able to combine multiple platfrom, which includes windows , Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome and IE. In fact, Ture Key is a little bit like the password manage software LastPass, it can use human face to unlock password.
Free version of Ture Key able to let user store 15 passwords, order a advanced version need 19.99 per year, user can save password as many as well. This software is already being test.
Heartbeat recongnition unit
Wearable equipments is now the hot topic, when Apple invent Apple Watch, featured health tracker kind of smart watch also start popular, heartbeat sensor will also be a very important technology.
Bionym published Nymi which is able to identify whose unique heartbeat by wearing it, and then able to use to unlock phone or tablet PC. Of course user must wear it to record heart rate, to identify indentity.
Bionym alleged that if user’s heart rate is faster becasue some reasons. Heartbeat is unique for each person, what Nymi is watching is user’s electrocardiogram.
This technology is used by Halifax Bank, to let their customers to login their bank account.

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