CLEAR Hints at Business Expansion with New Board Appointments

CLEAR Hints at Business Expansion with New Board AppointmentsBiometric security screening specialist CLEAR has formally announced two new appointments to its Board of Directors. The new board members are Jeffery H. Boyd and Lew Kling.

Boyd is the former CEO of Priceline Group, and Lew Kling is the former CEO of Flowserve. Boyd was also a major participant in CLEAR’s latest round of funding, which raised $20 million in equity financing, as was the current CEO of Priceline, Robert Mylod.

While CLEAR has so far specialized in deployments of its biometric screening technology at major airports and sports stadiums, in a statement announcing the new board appointments, CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker hinted that the company could be broadening the horizons of its business activities. Calling Boyd and Kling “proven partners who are passionate about further improving the customer experience,” she suggested that they will offer “valued insight on how CLEAR can continue to leverage its technology to provide frictionless experiences to any vertical requiring access controls.”

For his part, Boyd said, “I look forward to working with CLEAR to further scale the business,” while Kling was a little more direct on this point, asserting that CLEAR offers “an easily adaptable and customer-friendly platform that can be used not only in airports and stadiums, but at hospitals, universities and all high-traffic venues.”

October 15, 2015 – by Alex Perala

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