BioCatch to Pitch Platform at Various Conferences

BioCatch to Pitch Platform at Various ConferencesIsrael-based behavioral biometrics startup BioCatch has been invited to present at the Visa Europe Innovation Exchange on September 9th, the company has announced. BioCatch representatives will participate in the forum while on the same day others deliver their presentation, “Behavioral Biometrics – a Disruptive New Approach to Catching Fraudsters”, at the Microsoft Ventures Innovation Fest.

The high-profile events are complemented by additional engagements to attend: the Latin America Bank Security Conference in Panama; the CiConnect event and CyberCrime Symposium 2015 in the US; as well as the Cyber Security Management Forum for the Financial Sector and the Payments UK Cyber Security and Fraud Seminar in London.

These are significant opportunities for the company to showcase its innovative technology, and that isn’t lost on its managers. In a statement, BioCatch CEO Ron Moritz expressed pride on behalf of the company at being invited to these events, asserting that the opportunity to share the company’s expertise “not only strengthens our position as the leader in our field, but will also allow us to highlight the ability of behavioral biometrics to provide protection from fraud for banks and ecommerce sites alike.”

The speaking engagements arrive at an opportune time for BioCatch. As a recent report from Frost & Sullivan has indicated, organizations around the world are starting to look to the advantages of big data analytics and behavioral mapping systems to boost digital security. Meanwhile, BioCatch has been busy securing patents for its behavioral biometric platform and refining it through testing over the last several months.

September 1, 2015 – by Alex Perala

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