BIO-key Fingerprint Authentication Protecting AEON Credit Call Centers

Bio-key LogoMarch 10, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

AEON Credit Services has taken the necessary steps to improve security and cut down on redundant administration costs associated with password resets by taking the plunge into biometric logical access control. The company is a subsidiary of AEON Credit Japan, which is primarily involved in the issuance of credit cards, boasting over 29.76 card members.

Today, BIO-key International announced that it will be providing the necessary solutions to AEON’s Malaysian call centers, allowing them to replace password logins for 18 applications that require user authentication

Jim Skidmore, BIO-key’s senior vice president of global sales and channel development, comments on what this biometric advantage means for customers and employees:

“When we reduce the time to authenticate and migrate between transactions, we create a better user experience for the agent and the customer. Efficiency translates to better business and additional revenue. We recognize that when consumers share personal or financial information with utility companies, credit service providers or retailers they’re vulnerable to identity theft. BIO-key technology vastly reduces the threat of identity theft, because employees understand that there is a secure audit trail for each and every action and transaction.”

So, biometrics in the call center go beyond simple authentication security and saving on administrator time, they are also efficiency enablers when it comes to time tracking, attendance, call times and accountability, the last of which is tantamount to the customer who is disclosing personal financial information to a representative on the call center’s end of the line.

This business solution form BIO-key is a result of the company’s collaboration with Dancom, a telecommunications and IT provider. As an IBM Ready for Security Intelligence partner, BIO-key was able to develop a solution with Dancom integrated within AEON’s IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-on (commonly referred to as ISAM ESSO).

BIO-key recently attended the IBM Pulse conference in support of these ISAM ESSO enterprise time saving solutions.

“This is an example of how IBM and BIO-key work together to deliver successful intelligent identity and access solutions to help increase the value to our mutual customers” says Michael Loria, vice president business and corporate development at IBM Security Systems.

In a short Year in Review interview, Scott Mahnken, BIO-key’s vice president of marketing mentioned that the company’s IBM partnership was expected to pay dividends. This is a clear example of what he was talking about.

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