Synaptics Has Shipped Over 200 Million Natural ID Solutions

Synaptics Reaches Milestone in Fingerprint Tech Shipments

Digital interface developer Synaptics has reached a major milestone with its Natural ID fingerprint authentication technology. The company announced today that it has now shipped over 200 million units of solutions employing the technology.

The company credited the achievement in part to heightened demand in the areas of mobile device, notebooks, and peripheral devices for PCs. Those last two areas make a lot of sense, given that Synaptics is a Microsoft Windows 1o partner, and that company has been keen to embrace higher security standards for its forthcoming operating system, including strong support for biometric security, of which a number of devices in the Windows 10 ecosystem are taking advantage.

But demand from the mobile domain is probably most important at this point. Higher-end smartphone makers are increasingly integrating biometric security into their devices, and Synaptics has seen some high-profile integrations in the case of Samsung’s newest flagship devices. Those mobile deployments were a major factor in boosting Synpatics’ revenues for the latest fiscal quarter, and the company is optimistic about future potential too.

In a statement, Synaptics SVP Ritu Favre said that because of “the hard work and dedication from each and every member of the Synaptics team, we have been able to innovate and expand our biometrics portfolio to a level that is unmatched, and shipping 200 million units of our fingerprint ID solutions is a testament to our leadership,” adding that the company looks forward to bringing further solutions to market “that will drive increased adoption throughout a highly secure and password-free ecosystem.”

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