IDEX Extolls ‘Excellent Progress’ in Latest Trials and Partnerships

IDEX Extolls 'Excellent Progress' in Latest Trials and Partnerships

IDEX ASA is making significant progress in getting its next generation of fingerprint touch sensors to market, the company says.

In a new press release, the company asserts that trials with “several leading mobile OEMs” are wrapping up, and that those clients are now starting to go ahead with “on site integration to commence with their application software.” Meanwhile, IDEX is also reporting “excellent progress” in working to integrate its new in-glass sensor with its first client for that particular technology.

It’s good news for the company as its profile continues to raise in the industry after last week’s Biometrics in Banking and Payments conference in London, in which IDEX CEO Dr. Hemant Mardia was a speaker. In a mid-year update on its business operations, the company asserted that it was “positioned to capture significant share of the multi-billion dollar market opportunity for fingerprint sensors based on strong product portfolio and partners”; now, with its newest orders and trials starting to reach fruition, the company could demonstrate some dramatic follow-through. While it has not yet given any specific indications of how these activities will impact revenues going forward, IDEX is certainly keen to stoke excitement about them.

October 23, 2015 – by Alex Perala

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