MorphoTrak to Offer Facial Recognition Training

Facial BiometricsMorphoTrak (Safran) is going to be offering vendor-independent face comparison training, the company has announced. Interested parties will have the opportunity to participate regardless of what specific facial recognition software they are using, allowing the company to help fill what it calls “an acknowledged gap in the field of computer-aided face recognition and facial identification.”

The training will be led by Dr. Nicole Spaun, who has considerable experience in the field. She has worked not only as a Forensic Examiner with the FBI, but also as the US Army’s Biometrics Program Manager in Europe. In her current position as MorphoTrak’s Principal Facial Biometric Expert, Dr. Spaun hopes to help participants learn how to most effectively leverage the biometric data currently available, which has in recent years surpassed training for human reviewers. The training course will take place over three-to-five days in-class, and is designed to follow Facial Identification Scientific Working Group (FISWG) guidelines.

MorphoTrak is widely acknowledged as a leader in the biometrics market. It is particularly well known for its fingerprint recognition technologies, which have scored very well in NIST testing and have helped law enforcement authorities to catch high-profile suspects.

August 4, 2015 – by Alex Perala

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