Precise Biometrics AGM Marks Big Business Decisions

Precise Biometrics AGM Marks Big Business DecisionsPrecise Biometrics held its Annual General Meeting on Monday and made a few important business decisions.

For one thing, all six members of the company’s Board of Directors were re-elected, with Torgny Hellström remaining Chairman. The company also decided to reward board members with remuneration of SEK 175,000 each and SEK 500,000 for the Board’s Chairman – and that’s retroactive to the start of this year.

It’s a sign of confidence in the Precise Biometrics’ leadership, perhaps driven by the company’s success in the mobile fingerprint scanner market as well as the enterprise market. And it’s perhaps a welcome reassurance after the recent announcement that CFO Bo-Göran Jaxelius would be stepping down this summer for family reasons.

Moving onto business that more directly concerns shareholders, the company decided that no dividends would be paid for 2014, and also moved to reduce its share capital from SEK 96,685,706.38 to SEK 10,359,182.82. The AGM also resolved that share capital would now have a floor of SEK 5,000,000 and a ceiling of SEK 20,000,000.

April 28, 2015 – by Alex Perala

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